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The Alex Jones Channel
Firearms Prevent America From Becoming A Police Statevia YouTube Capture.
Former SEAL: Take Down The Pedophile Elitevia YouTube Capture.
Kit Cope: The 2nd Amendment Protects All Othersvia YouTube Capture.
MSM Pushes Fake News Lies About NRA Conventionvia YouTube Capture.
The Fight For Gun Rights Has Just Begunvia YouTube Capture.
All Americans Should Embrace Their 2nd Amendment RightsCampus Carry activist Antonia Okafor breaks down how anti-gun liberals don't want women or minority's to be able to defend themselves.
The 2nd Amendment Isn't About HuntingQuentin Carter reports from the 2017 National Rifle Association annual meeting.
Commie Activists Tied To This Pro-Pedophilia GroupShocking claims allege the militant leftist organization BAMN has ties to NAMBLA. BAMN's parent organization worked directly with the North American Man/Boy ...
'Trump More Dangerous Than Hitler'Taxpayer Funded CUNY Instructing Professors to Push Soros-Backed Anti-Trump Propaganda – 'Trump More Dangerous Than Hitler'. CUNY Professor, Joe ...
InfoWars Nightly News LIVE: Globalists State: "Trump More Dangerous Than HITLER"Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends ...

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